Tropical Party Box
Tropical Party Box
Tropical Party Box
Tropical Party Box
Tropical Party Box
Tropical Party Box
Tropical Party Box

Tropical Party Box

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Welcome to the vibrant essence of the tropics with our Tropical Splendor Party Supplies Box. Each item in this curated collection is a celebration of lush colors and exotic patterns, designed to transform your event into an island paradise. The box unfolds to reveal an array of splendidly patterned plates, each a riot of color and intricate designs that mimic the exotic beauty of tropical flora and fauna, perfect for setting a banquet that's as visually stunning as it is appetizing.

Accenting the tablescape is a breathtaking centerpiece, a paper-crafted botanical wonder that stands tall, evoking the majesty of tropical blooms. Delightful cupcake toppers flutter like butterflies amongst sweet treats, and vibrant, artistically designed napkins are ready to whisk away crumbs with the flamboyance of a peacock's plumes. Completing the collection are party bags that carry the theme's brilliance beyond the table, adorned with patterns and hues that capture the jubilant spirit of the tropics. This Tropical Splendor Party Supplies Box is your all-inclusive ticket to a lush, joyous, and unforgettable celebration

Product Details:

1. 8 Dinner Plates (Peacocks), 9"
2. 8 Dessert Plates (Hummingbirds), 7"
3. 4 Platters, 12"
4. 16 Dinner Napkins (Feather)
5. 16 Dessert Napkins (Orchid)
6. 8 Cups with a Flower Sleeve
7. Tropical Cupcake Stand (Palms)
8. Tropical Cupcake Kit: Peacocks, Hummingbirds, Cupcake cups (16)
9. 8 Mini Party Hats 
10. 4 Goodie Bags (Feather)
11. 4 Goodie Bags (Orchid)
12. 8 Die-cut Placemats, 13"
13. 12 Treat Boxes 

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