4 Easy Steps To Create A Special Atmosphere For Your Thanksgiving Feast!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we are so excited to visit with family and enjoy the feast. We all have a favorite holiday, but we know that Thanksgiving food is just the best. Crispy roast potatoes, stuffing, corn bread, turkey, yams, pumpkin pie…It’s always a little sad, though, to see delicious and beautifully prepared food simply put onto the nearest plate without any extra decoration or thought. As they say, presentation is *almost* everything. To help you style your table and food, we’ve collected all of the prettiest settings to make an eye-catching tablescape. The mustard and orange color palette are speaking to us this time of year, as they evoke an aura of fallen leaves and autumn vegetables, and we think it pairs perfectly with a rich evergreen. 

1. Invest in the table accessories that can be used for any occasion! 
Let’s start with placemats and napkins. We’re always trying to be more environmentally conscious. These linen napkins are reusable after washing and look great with all decorations, year round! The color is both warm and neutral, and stains won’t show up easily. Also, having napkins on hand is both classy and a good way to mop up any spills without creating a fuss. If you’ve got napkins, then napkin rings are essential. Sure, you might have a family member who swears they know how to make a napkin into the shape of a duck or a crown, but simple velvet bows are classy, provide some extra texture and dimension, and remove all the origami-napkin hassle. This beautiful set by Mrs. Alice is sure to elevate the look of your table for every occasion!


2. Don’t forget the centrepiece! 

We opted for fresh flowers, which make any day feel like a special day! We like to use local, in-season plants to increase the autumnal feel and reduce the carbon footprint. You can also add seasonal fruits and vegetables, like decorative gourds or apples. So easy, yet so pretty!

3. Spend your time with family and friends – not in the kitchen cleaning up! 

You might think that disposable partyware is a big no-no for a sit down dinner, but you will change your mind when you see this disposable set from Ma Fête! The beautiful mustard shade of yellow is a perfect match for the rustic decorations! Avoid smashed glass (and clean up!) and check out these cute paper cups! The blue rim nicely complements the mustard and gives a little contrast for that elevated look and feel. Keep those cups full while turkey is cooking!

Ready for the big feast? Serve it on Ma Fete’s signature dinner plates: they’re beautiful and have a splash of mustard to match the rest of your table. The plates are a fun shape and look lovely. There are even matching dessert plates, perfect for apple pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie… or whatever sort of pie you love to eat on Thanksgiving! Having a separate set of plates is a good way to make sure you’ve got enough settings for everyone and makes the food look even better. 

You can coordinate the mini serving trays or platters with your dinner plates and dessert plates. This one is available in mustard to match, or you can switch up the colors if you’re ready for a more vibrant look.

Speaking of dessert… Aren’t cakes beautiful? Thanksgiving cakes aren’t that common, because people love their pie, but if you want a unique touch on a traditional meal, why not give them a go? Cakes can be made the night before to give you more time on the holiday, and then if you’d like an extra flourish, add one of these cake toppers to continue to coordinate your tablescape from start to finish.

We know we said linen napkins for that elevated look, but it’s still always a good idea to have a paper napkin nearby! A linen napkin on your knees, a paper one in your hands! You will be surprised to see how this beautiful guest towel perfectly matches to the rest of the tableware from Ma Fête! 

4. Treat your friends and family with a thank you gift!
Did you ever wonder why only children get to have a goody bag after a party? Surprise and delight your guests with a mini thank you gift! It doesn’t have to be expensive and could be a mini box of chocolates, a couple of homemade cookies, a bar of soap, or a candle. Put it in Ma Fête’s Mini gift bags to tie together all your fall décor! It adds a personal touch and  makes the day even more memorable.

Thanksgiving is a great day when everyone comes together to give thanks and, um, watch the president pardon a turkey. It’s a day for being grateful for what we have and appreciating those around us whom we love and cherish. Take a moment to acknowledge what you’re grateful for while surrounded by beauty. We love the selection of products available from all these different brands that makes the food look fancy and chic, and the guests feel like they’re really somewhere special.