10 Fun & Magical Sweet Treats for a Girl’s Birthday Party

You can’t celebrate a birthday without an indulgent dessert. Cake, cupcakes, and ice cream are classic birthday treats. But year after year, some foods will start to lose their magic touch. That’s why its important to cook up some other fun and flavorful food options as well. Throw a girl’s birthday party to remember with this list of impressive sweet treats, which are sure to satisfy even the hungriest sweet tooth.

1. Funfetti Pancakes

Funfetti Pancakes: Start the birthday celebrations early with this sweet breakfast treat. All you need is pancake mix, cake mix, and sprinkles. Plus, funfetti pancakes taste great with frosting, whipped cream, or syrup!

2. Brownie Batter Dip:

Whip up this chocolate dessert dip to pair with apples, pretzels, or graham crackers. All you need is boxed brownie mix, pudding mix, heavy cream and powdered sugar. Our tip: make this dip the day before the party, and keep it in the fridge overnight. This will give the dip a thick, fluffy, mousse-like consistency!

3. Thumbprint Cookies

Chocolate-chip can take a rest today. Make classic thumbprint cookies and get creative with the filling. Sugar-cookie dough pairs great with jam or fruit spread, and peanut butter cookie dough tastes even better with melted chocolate or Nutella in the middle.

4. Puppy Chow

This no-bake sweet snack uses Corn Chex as a base. Use the entire bag to easily make huge portions for larger parties!

5: Berry Bars

This frozen treat is perfect for backyard summer parties. Plus, it uses yogurt and berries for a healthier alternative to ice cream. This recipe is great for kids and adults, and you can easily customize your yogurt flavors, or swap the fruit for whatever is in season.

6. Monkey Bread:

Bake this delicious dessert as an alternative to cinnamon rolls or traditional cupcakes. Monkey bread is incredibly fun (and messy) to eat, which makes it a perfect treat for the younger ones. Use pre-made biscuit dough for a quick shortcut, and let your birthday girl help out by rolling the dough into balls before placing them in a bundt cake pan. 

7. Granola Pinwheel

For a healthier birthday snack, make granola pinwheels with nut butter, honey, granola, and flour tortillas. This recipe doesn’t require any baking, cooking, or refrigeration, so it’s a good one

8. Fruit Pizza

This ultimate party dessert is infinitely customizable. You can use sugar cookie dough, pie crust, or crescent dough to make the pizza “crust.” Nutella, cream cheese, or whipped topping can be the “tomato sauce,” and of course, you can’t forget the fruit for the toppings! Go the extra mile by drizzling your fruit pizza with melted chocolate, hot fudge topping, or even crushed Oreo cookies before serving.

9. Homemade Rice Krispies

Everyone knows them, and everyone loves them. Make these even more magical by dipping them in melted chocolate and adding some color sprinkles!

10. Drip Marshmallow Pops

This is the cake pop’s hassle-free cousin. Pop some lollipop sticks into large marshmallows, dip them in melted chocolate, and decorate them with nuts or sprinkles. You can even turn this into a fun birthday activity by getting the kids involved. Have them take turns dipping and decorating their own marshmallows. And the best part: they can eat their DIYs afterwards!