Let's go to the Fair!

The fair is some of the most fun you can have during summertime, full of rides, games, toys, and treats. However, due to the pandemic, many of us are choosing to forgo the fair for various reasons. But don’t worry, you can still have fair fun by doing a fair-themed birthday party. Here, we’ll give you some decorations ideas, menu options, and games that will bring the fair right to your own backyard. Fair-themed parties are a lovely idea because they work for both girls and boys and have enough going on to keep even the youngest members of our family entertained for hours.

Entrance To The Fair

A fun way to set the tone for your fair-themed birthday party is to give each guest a handful of tickets. These can be used at the different stations you’ve set up at your local park or backyard. Vintage fair tickets are inexpensive and really help to make kids feel like they’ve stepped into a whole new world. If you want to go above and beyond, purchasing an entrance sign that reads ‘Fun Fair’ is adorable and gets kids excited to see what’s in store. (Art by 


Games and Attractions

Of course, in your backyard, you won’t be able to have the classic fair rides or Ferris Wheel, but you can get creative about what you offer so much so that guests won’t even miss it. If you’re able to enlist some help from other parents, each adult can have a station to run, filled with fun and games. A petting zoo can be filled with cute animal-themed stickers and games like “Pin the tail on the donkey”. If your kids are old enough, creating a balloon wall to throw darts at is an awesome option and the balloons can be filled with different color paints to make an even more dramatic pop. You can also have candy apple arts and crafts where kids can glue colored apple cutouts onto popsicle sticks to carry around with them and take home as a mento of the day (photo:blog.wellappointedhouse.com)



Fair Treats

Nothing says summer fun like fair theme treats, and the options can be customized to your kid’s preferences. Of course, a cotton candy machine is the ultimate accessory for a fair-theme birthday party, but you can also have little kettle corns in striped popcorn boxes as well as mini corn dogs on a stick. If you want to make your party unforgettable, simple blue jello in a bag with a gummy fish looks like the prizes at a ring toss and is as fun to eat as it is cute to look at.




Decorating your fair is one of the easiest parts of having this party, as you really can’t go wrong! Have a look at MA FÊTE’s Fun Fair party kit that includes all necessary supplies to set the mood. Party hats, merry-go-round stand, various flags and horsey toppers will help to create a world of fun for your little ones.


With so many options of games, treats, and surprises, a fair-themed birthday party is a no-brainer!