10 Kids’ Party Decoration Hacks That Every Parent Needs to Know

Planning your child’s birthday party is no joke. There’s the invitations, the cake, and of course, the party decorations!

However, birthday party decorations can be expensive, and with the messy chaos of your child’s birthday, those pieces of flimsy paper and plastic will rarely last more than one celebration. That’s why we compiled a list of 10 party decoration hacks and DIYs to save you time, money, and effort.

Confetti Balloons

Party balloons are a birthday must-have for all ages. Upgrade your balloons by stuffing them with confetti before inflating. Bonus points if you use clear balloons, so you can see the confetti inside! Pop the balloons after finishing the happy birthday song for a colorful surprise!

Lollipop Cake Toppers

Still got leftover candy from Easter? Use those lollipops as cake toppers; seriously, they come on a stick for a reason!

Tablecloth Doodles

Let the kids add their own party decorations with this hack. Take out an old tablecloth and let the kids write, draw, and doodle on the tablecloth while they’re waiting for the cake. If you still want to salvage the tablecloth afterward, be sure to use washable markers. Alternatively, you could use a disposable tablecloth and permanent markers to create a unique piece of birthday memorabilia!

Homemade Photobooth

This DIY doubles as a birthday party activity. Use a patterned sheet, wrapping paper, or plastic tablecloth to create a background against a wall. Throw in stuffed animals, silly hats, old Halloween costumes, and a cell phone camera… And let the laughter begin. You can even encourage your party guests to bring their own costumes and props! No professional photographer or setup required.

Easy Character Themed Decor

Is your child obsessed with a particular TV show or comic book character? Purchasing themed decor can be extremely pricey, and chances are, you won’t get more than one use out of those decorations. For this hack, simply purchase sticker sheets featuring your child’s favorite character. Stick them on plain cups, balloons, or party hats for DIY character-themed decor at a fraction of the cost!

Paint Plastic Silverware

Preparing those plain white spoons and forks for your party? Dip the ends of the spoon, forks, and knives into acrylic craft paint to add a touch of color. This hack works great for color-themed birthdays!

Colored Paper Backdrop

All you need for this hack is colored paper and stapes. Staple the opposite ends of your papers together, and alternate the colors for a fun diamond-patterned backdrop. Once you reach your desired length, you can hang your geometric decoration against a wall, or suspend your creation from the ceiling.

Beach Buckets

For larger parties, beach buckets work as a perfect storage container or serving bowl. Fill up three or four buckets with pretzels, chips, and candy, and let the kids use a shovel to scoop out their favorite snacks. Or separate your party favors and place each one in its own beach bucket. Line up the buckets by the front door, so your party guests can easily select one on their way out!

Inflatable Pool Hacks

Get some extra use out of your inflatable plastic pool--even if your kids are too big to fit. For a backyard birthday bash, fill a plastic pool with ice to keep drinks or snacks freezing cold. Or, if you’re planning a water balloon fight, use an inflatable pool to store precious water-balloon ammo!

The Dollar Store Is Your Best Friend

Your local dollar store is your one-stop shop for all your party supplies. Cups, plates, balloons, candles, craft supplies, party favors--you name it, the dollar store has it!